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    When you have customers walk into your store or office, you want them to feel comfortable and welcome. A great way to create a subtle yet natural ambiance in your establishment is to have a unique and inviting aroma permeate throughout the space. Regardless of your industry, AirQ has a scent that can enhance and complement any room fulfilling any purpose.

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    Adding Scent Experiences That Make a Difference

    Why Add Scent
    We help clients understand how scent can positively impact their business. Using scent to enhance a customer’s experience, increase length of stay, cancel a malodor, or sell products are just a few examples of how scent can be used. The strategic use of scent is our expertise – we understand how when, where and how it should be used… Learn more
    Choosing the Right Scent Partner
    Choosing the right partner can impact the success of your program. Adding scent to an environment is an important, impactful decision. It is critical to do it properly. Not all scenting solutions are effective, pleasing or consistent. AirQ  has the best technology, quality scents and superior customer service, all of which make an amazing scent experience every time, all the time…Learn more
    Quality Scent is Key
    As the sense most closely tied to memory and impression, scent plays a powerful part in making any customer experience more memorable. Our scents are designed by world renowned experts, and are safe and non-allergenic. They are specifically designed for ambient scenting so the scent experience is consistent and pleasing throughout a space. It doesn’t fade or have hot-spots that are over-whelming…Learn more
    How Scent is Delivered
    Lighting a candle, spraying room freshener or using reed diffusers are common scent delivery mechanisms, but as everyone knows they are not ideal, particularly in commercial settings. Safely and effectively adding scent to an area is as important to the overall experience as the quality of the scent…Learn more

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